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Nestled in a quiet corner in Broward County, the Chateau Mar Golf Resort sits on lush green acres, which was once a popular Golf community back in the 60s and 70s.


Jackie Gleason comes to town! We were an exclusive tennis club that hosted PGA tournaments in Inverrary from 1972 to 1980.


Inverrary Vacation Resort shines with many famous guests throughout the years, even by two U.S. Presidents.


Inverrary, the boutique gem in the heart of South Florida.


Chateau Mar Golf Resort dazzles once more with retro-chic design and extraordinary service.

Formerly known as the Inverrary Vacation Resort, our hotel was once an exclusive tennis club and an all-inclusive hotel built to accommodate the influx of vacationers and golfers into Inverrary. Our hotel proudly boasts a colorful roster of famous guests who attended the iconic Jackie Gleason Inverrary Classic, a golf tournament hosted by movie star and comedian Jackie Gleason.

After deciding to move production of one of his most popular shows, The Honeymooners, from New York to Miami Beach, Gleason, who was an avid golf player, liked the weather and proximity to golf courses and so he built his home right across the street from our hotel.

Officially starting in 1972, the tour attracted the likes of many celebrities and two U.S Presidents, most of whom found accommodations at the Inverrary Vacation Resort, the only hotel in the city of Lauderhill, and still the only one today. Celebrities such as such as Dean Martin, Milton Berle, Jerry Lewis, golf legends Arnold Palmer and Bob Hope and U.S. Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, have all graced the hallways of the Chateau Mar Golf Resort.

Our iconic Long Green Lounge was frequented by Jackie Gleason and his famous friends. He also hosted many dinners in our Steakhouse, the Oak Room, which was one of the best steakhouses in south Florida back in the 70s.

Today, our hotel is uniquely designed with a retro theme inspired by the hotel’s rich and glamorous history. Pieces of the past have been restored and can be seen throughout the property, Jackie Gleason’s car is parked outside of the hotel, his pool table and a piano, often played by Frank Sinatra can be found in our lobby.